It is said that you really cannot hear something until you are ready to hear it.  Others say that the Universe knows and provides. While many believe that it is the will of a Deity. I am not smart enough to know which, if any or all, are true. To me it is kind of like this: You see things when you see them. Wow, that was vague. Let me start again.


One of my favorite, or most well remembered, Hindu philosophies I call the rule of excess. Basically it states that you do a thing until you are done with it then you move on. So, for example, let us say that you crave chocolate. This tenet of Hinduism states that you should not deny yourself and eat as much chocolate as you like until you no longer crave it. Hmm, maybe not the best example. Let me try again. Okay, let us say that you really like cats, so you adopt all of these cats until you just cannot stand having cats around then you can emotionally move on. Okay, I suck at this. Let us try a different tack.


The universe provides what you need, let us try this. Have you ever had something that you needed just fall into your lap? You know like, needing a new job and the perfect listing pops up on Craigslist. Or you are finding yourself stuck in life and you come across just the right book at the flea market. I am still not doing this idea justice. Alright, let me just explain what happened to me.


Lately I have been hearing advice that is resonating with me. This advice is roughly about listening more and speaking less. More importantly it is about removing my ego from the equation. No simple task for this Taurus. Being rooted in the physical world my first response to most every situation is to provide a solution. I clearly remember, during my first real ever job as a restaurant manager, my boss said to me, “Don’t bring me problems. Bring me solutions.” Wanting to succeed, I did just that. At first many options were turned away but soon I began to get the hang of it.  This, as you may have already surmised, created a bias in my thinking. It did something else as well. It kept me from listening.


As you all know, this can never bode well in any relationship.  So whether the Universe is providing for me, or God is helping me help myself, I find myself at a new cross road. (Insert Robert Johnson here.) The skill of always bringing a solution was not helping, nor was it helping me grow. The Dalai Lama says, “When you talk, you are only repeating what you know. When you listen, you might learn something new.” You find me know, at this stage.


Last week, I was ready to order Lamb Korma for dinner. Why? Because I knew what it should taste like and it was a safe choice for dinner. No risk for a bad meal. But no, I was denied. The waiter at Taj Grill insisted that what I really wanted the special lamb. Not being one to make a scene, I presented mild resistance then succumbed. What does it matter really? I asked myself. AND . . . I was more than pleasantly surprised.


Last night I was out for an early dinner at the China Wok, at 512 Sacramento St. Julia greeted us, and as always was charming and welcoming. She walked us to our table, setting the menus down while we chatted. I lifted the cover and before I could even focus on the words I set it back down. It was time for me to learn something. “Julia,” I asked, “would you please order us two dishes. Something light.”  “Of course” she replied. What came next was nothing short of amazing.


Normally I would have ordered a Kung Pao or Almond chicken or some such. Our dishes arrived one at a time and I surmise from our conversation with her, that they are not on the regular menu. The first was a lettuce wrap. The main part of the dish contained shrimp, crispy rice and peanut. All of this was spooned into a lettuce cup and topped with Hoisin sauce. So yummy . . . and fresh! While we were delighting on our good fortune the second dish arrived. This is probably one of the most delicious and satisfying things that I have ever eaten. It was asparagus with red bell peppers and walnut halves served in the most refreshing citrus, sweet chili sauce. Joe Bob says, Two thumbs up! (You get points for knowing the reference.)


All in all another very successful meal at the China Wok. And goodness, if you have never been there, do not waste any more time. Go! Thanks again Julia.


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Until next time,


Eat Well and Smile Often

Tommy Judt



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