It was awkward. I was a young adult and definitely not experienced. It was not the first time that I “stayed over” at a friend’s house but on those other times I needed to run off to work early. This particularly lazy Sunday morning in Marina Del Rey, I had nowhere to be and to tell the truth, I was hungry. So when the idea of breakfast was suggested I said, Yes.


By this point in my career I had spent years working in restaurants and had already graduated culinary school. The idea of a weekend breakfast was one of work, not of relaxation. My friend was as understanding as she was charming and drove us to a little place with tables on the sidewalk. Coming from the East Bay in the 80’s, there were very few tables on the sidewalk so the idea of sitting and basking in the warm Southern California sun was indeed a treat.


To say that I am an introvert is a gross understatement. There are times when I can strap on my mask, or if moved by a passionate argument, I come out of my shell and make nice in public. But ask anyone close to me and they will tell you that I would rather read a book on neuro science and dishonesty, or watch a You Tube video on How to Make a Ram Pump.  (A motor less water pump. Really, where did your mind just go?)


So this particular morning I was keenly aware of how awkward I felt. My companion was neither a chef, nor a restaurant employee of any kind. She had never worked on automobiles nor fancied my jokes on quadratic equations. To top it all off I did not even have a pair of sunglasses to wear, since I rarely stepped out of the kitchen into the light of day. Insightfully, she suggested mimosas. Very soon the conversation was back on track and the remainder of the day took us to the beach, a pub for lunch and the Getty Museum.  We remained friends for many years and dated on and off as our movie lives, and travel, allowed. While I do not miss the endless hours of working on a film set I am glad for the gentle introduction to Sunday brunch from a dear friend.


While the Getty Museum is not to be found in Vallejo there are a few lovely places to have breakfast. This last weekend we popped on down to the Sardine Can at 1 Harbor Way. Is not that a great address? 1 Harbor Way.  I have rarely been disappointed by the food there and if you crave a morning pick me up, they have a full bar to serve you. They recently rebuilt their entryway and have a fantastic ramp making the restaurant that much more accessible.  With winter on Wednesdays and summer on Saturdays, here in our lovely corner of the world, you will have no fears dining at the Sardine Can. There are tables both inside and out, depending on your want. Scrambled eggs and bacon for me, with and OJ and coffee. Done!


The introvert in me salutes the introvert in you . . . and suggests that you enjoy breakfast in the sun when you can.


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Until next time,


Eat Well and Smile Often

Tommy Judt



  1. Loved this and so made me laugh…I will take your introvert anyday. Do miss a good Cali breakfast. Thank you.

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