(Read to the tune of Wednesday Morning.)

Thursday morning at 5 o’clock

And the muse won’t set in.

Anxiously pacing the bedroom floor.

Writing, deleting, I hoped to say more.


I think that it has happened. I think that I have eaten in most every establishment in Vallejo. In the year that I have been writing this blog, over 55 posts to date, I have enjoyed food up, down and sideways across Vallejo. From Michael Warring, to Scotty’s, to Q’s Halal, I have wandered the confines of V-Town and have rarely been left wanting. I have my favorites, to be sure. These I tend to frequent with my custom. The Front Room, because I am constantly reminded that they serve mozzarella sticks.  El Dos de Oros, because, well, they do have the best burritos in town. Maya Thai for the freshness of their Papaya salad. Tacos Jalisco for overall quality and, again I am told, that their Tamarind Margarita is to die for. Napoli for pizza, pasta and amazing server personalities.  The Sardine Can, which I mind blindly referred to as the Oyster Clam while having a memory slip. Moschetti’s, always. Why? Because Fabrice does indeed know what he is doing. The Townhouse, because the gin is strong, the ice is cold, and the company is incomparable. While I do not frequent Michael Warring, I add him to the list for he is indeed the most talented person I have ever seen stand at a stove.


What next?


Perhaps an open letter to the City Council requesting they annex Benicia?


No, I think that it is up to the rest of us to figure this out.  Vallejo sits at the nexus of 2 major freeways and a State Highway; and is the region’s public transportation hub with the Ferry and Bus Terminal downtown. The City has a population of over 120,000 with some eye catching waterfront property and an amazingly cute downtown. Yet, it seems, that we have been unable to attract very many serious operators. (I have specifically not mentioned Provisions, and Nicole, as I am fanatically biased toward her establishment and the quality of her preparations.) Where is our wood fired pizza business catering to the Townhouse and Decades? Where is our downtown wine bar? I am dying for a great choice of wines. How about a serious cocktail lounge. Our good friends at the Empress are doing such good work, yet are limited by the nature of their liquor license.


I put it to you, gentle readers. Each of these tasks may be daunting for a single one of us, yet together we might be able to find a solution to these questions. If you love Vallejo as I do, then I ask you to reach out to all the people that you think might make a go of it here in Vallejo. I long to drink whisky in the confines of a comfy couch, or to mouth a slice fresh from the fire.  Until then I will sip my gin while listening to Erin and Don play as Tom glides around the dance floor. I will enjoy my mozzarella sticks, my papaya salad, and savor my breakfast at the Oyster Clam.  For V-Town is my home.


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Until next time,


Eat Well and Smile Often

Tommy Judt







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