I sincerely do not know what to do. You see, I have this problem which, in all honesty, has at least a dozen solutions that I can think of right off the top of my head. But today, for me, it seems to be going much deeper than that. Question: Have you ever had someone tell you, You need to get out of your head and back in to your body? I have, many times.  You see, when it comes to obscure topics, I can chase that rabbit down the hole better than almost everyone I know. I love the idea of ‘thought exercises,’ as I call them. What If scenarios. Always in my head. But lately, because of the number of birthdays that I have accumulated, I have had the need to pay greater attention to what my body is telling me. An amazing thing the human body. As far as I can tell, modern medicine relies on patching us up and letting our bodies heal themselves. Truly incredible.


So lately I have been listening more to my body. It has been telling me when to go to sleep and when to wake up. When it has pain or is sensing something pleasurable.  It knows when it needs exercise, rest or clear fluids. (For me that means climbing up on to a barstool and relaxing while I enjoy my G & T.) It tells us so many things. But here is where I begin to run in to a problem, and by run, I mean headlong. Crash!


Some of you may have noticed the slight dip in temperatures that we have been experiencing lately. I certainly have. After living in Vallejo for almost 17 years I realized that I like my home to always be a comfortable temperature. I started by installing dual pane windows. Result: Quieter and less draft. I removed the wall heater and installed a forced air furnace. Result: Even warmth throughout the house. Next, I had insulation blown into the walls. Result: A significant reduction in drafts and less change in the ambient temperature over time.  Finally, I installed air conditioning. Result: The obvious, of course.  All of this to keep my body temperature comfortable. But here in lies my conundrum.


During the holidays it is expected to enjoy the festivities with joy and gusto. This means easting, drinking and laughing with your friends, all with the promise of a new gym membership in January. Like al of you, this was, and is, my holiday routine. After the holidays I walked my dogs more and consumed less. All was well until this cold snap thing hit. M mind was telling me to cut back, but my body was saying go, Go, GO!  What the heck? This past week my heater was cranked up to 72°, and I still put on a sweater. I could not get warm. Then the hunger kicked in. Holy smokes, I have never eaten so much food in such a short period of time and still be famished an hour later.


I figured that since my body was craving calories that this would be the perfect time to try Frymazing, located at 601 Tennessee Street. I mostly avoid fried foods, for my heart, and while many friends have suggested that I go there, I was a little concerned for my health. Damned cold weather changed my mind. It was suggested that I try the BiBiMBap. I showed up at 11:30, the minute that they opened for lunch and ordered just that. But then I saw the Korean BBQ Chicken Drummies. Damn cold weather cravings. Okay, I told myself, you will have left overs for dinner. Not! After I finished the BiBiMBap, I knocked out all 10 drummies and was still hungry and cold.


My body must have been right because I obviously survived the freeze of 2019. But to finish my thought. The BiBiMBap was wonderful. An ample amount of Korean BBQ Beef, called bulgogi, wild grain rice and vegetables all served with the house chili sauce. The drummies you ask? Wow! Savory, spicy and sweet. All things any chicken would willing die to become. If you have not had the chance to try them, do stop in to Frymazing. Next polar vortex, or sooner, I am going to load up on their Frymazing Fries!


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