Something happens when the sun goes down. As December closes in, doors begin to open here in Vallejo. Open houses and dinner parties. Cocktails and desserts. Laughter, conviviality, and a smack of drama just for fun. This week alone I have had conversations about tattoos, eccentric neighbors, sailing, Spruce our little pop-up shop, Callaghan Construction, the mispronunciation of sandwiches as sang-wiches. Stories of grandfathers topped the bill as did Iberian singers, concrete beaches, clowning for a children’s dance troupe in Russia and riding brooms to Las Vegas. I was even gifted a scarecrow for my winter garden. I have eaten shrimp and cheese, salumi and salmon. Homemade lasagna in a restaurant and restaurant made brownies in a home. Specialty cocktails and glass upon glass of amazing wines.


I like that we take time to open our doors for each other this time of year. It is cold outside and I oftentimes ask “So what’s in this drink?” Purely for educational purposes. The photos on Facebook of parades and parties, puppies and pomegranates signal this special time of year. We share, and overshare, and give of ourselves to each other. We open our homes and our hearts to casual acquaintances and remember to buy extra food at the store for those with less. We shop for the right card that says just exactly what we need it to say. We step more lively, complaining of the cold but truth-be-told it is out of excitement to be where we will end up next.


As mid-December rolls upon us I find that I have shaken that initial seasonal sadness and found my holiday spirit. The spirit of sharing a cup of hot cider at Spruce, or hand crafted cocktails at Diana’s or enjoying wine, lasagna and laughter with new friends. This week, this month, this year has been full for me as I know it has been for you. The one thing that always brings me back is breaking bread with my friends. Fun fact: The word Company means a group of people who share bread. The roots being Co-(together) and Pan-(bread).  With the New Year coming soon I think that I will break with, a personal, tradition and make a resolution. I resolve to share my meals more, this coming year, and spend less time alone. I look forward to you joining me.


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Until next time,


Eat Well and Smile Often


Tommy Judt


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