Every day I awaken to the same routine. Boil water, grind the coffee, feed the dogs, (got to make them sit and wait – Dinner time discipline I call it,) pour myself a large cuppa, add two sugars, sit down to my computer, log in and brace myself. Firstly I check emails, pay my bills and respond to my clients. Secondly I’ll pop over to Facebook to see how many people love me by counting the number of notifications, messages and friend requests I get. Today I feel loved. Yesterday, not so much.


Thirdly I check the news. Sometimes the headlines are gripping. Today they are rather banal. Seems the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have such a low attendance that they are giving away tickets. Even after beating the 49ers. Question: If no one was there to see them play, did they actually win? (Tree – Forest – would you rather I stop explaining my jokes?) Next I roll down the page:

  • A man gives birth to a tumor he thought was just a beer belly. (Hmm)
  • New hair stimulating shampoo for seniors. (Should I?)
  • California teen has sleeping beauty syndrome. (Don’t they all?)

And so it goes on. Page after page, screen after screen. I sip my coffee and wonder if I can stick to my diet or if the siren call of the mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy will have its way with me one more time. Warm my cup, no sugar this time I am on a diet. Look for my dogs. One on the couch, the other on the bed. Both out cold with post meal mortem. No entertainment value there. Dang coffee is rough without sugar.


December is almost here. I smile an inner smile thinking about shopping around town. Outer smiles only happen after the sun comes up. Love the new little place called Spruce on Marin Street run by two amazing women Kristin and Andrea. Next I want to pop into Stephanie’s shop The Joint, cannot wait to see what she has this season. Books, I love books, across the street to Vallejo Bookstore to say hi to Shannon and find my next fireside treat. Down a bit more Whitney Smith is knocking out some amazing pottery. I wonder if she makes quart size coffee cups? Too much to ask?  Starting to get hungry and Nicole at Provisions always has a steaming bowl of curry for me whenever I happen to drop by. I think she has some funky cool chocolate bars there too.


The coffee is taking hold and I start humming. It is a white noise I make and have made since I was in swaddling. Some do not mind it, others do. Not sure if anyone I know really likes it. Have I said how much I appreciate patient people? My mind is racing now and I have a bit of time before showering, dog walking and work. I put it to you: Do I watch another lecture on The Great Courses or browse FB for more love? FB it is. The Mad Hatter Parade is this Saturday, Yes!! Be there or be square.  More phony FB friend requests, house for sale, warnings to turn on your headlights in the rain and fog and . . . wait . . . could it be? It is! Mr. Merlin.


Mr. Merlin the cat is back. The bird munching, bush living, smarter than your average bear, cat is back. Aw Mr. Merlin, how you make the fuzzy part of my brain, well, fuzz.  Is that big bright shiny thing in the sky bothering you Mr. Merlin? Have you had your breakfast today buddy? Is that bad man Trevor not taking good enough care of you? You can come stay with me Mr. Merlin. (All of this should be reread with baby talking tones in your head.) That is it for today. Nothing to learn, no knowledge to gain this morning. Just fuzzy little cat memes to help blur out my normal piercing world view. Oh my, I feel so warm right now.


Well, there it is, the 6 o’clock alarm. Time to start my day replete with stress, anxiety and lists left undone. Oh boy, just can’t wait. Okay, now where did I leave those mashed potatoes?


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Until next time,


Eat Well and Smile Often


Tommy Judt


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  1. I have a similar routine but it doesn’t seems so warm and lovely. Think I will start to appreciate it more.

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