I am so excited that I just cannot stand it. This is my favorite time of year. It is the time of cooling weather and falling leaves, long and tedious lines with every sort of person waiting in them, many in questionable moods, waiting to speak with that one overworked person behind the counter. That is right, you guessed it, it is election time. Boy oh boy, I just cannot tell you how much I wait for this time to come around every two years. I savor it so much that I walk, not drive, to my local precinct waiving at  friends and neighbors along the way. “Are you off to vote,” they ask. “Yes”, I respond cheerfully.  As I saunter down the few blocks that lead to my private voting booth, my biennial ear worm comes blaring in, “Zippity-Do-Da, Zippity-A, my oh my what a wonderful day. Bluebird on my shoulder, Wow! It’s true. Zippity-do da, zippity-you.”


Prior to my ‘walk of fame,’ I spend time sorting through the pounds of printed material that gets delivered Old School to my literal mailbox, researching Measures online at places like KQED’s Election Page, or just sitting down with friends to engage in informed, cogent and intelligent discussion about things that will affect us all. The food really draws me in but it is not just the promise of chocolate cake that keeps me there. No, I really do enjoy listening to my friends and neighbors artfully share their opinions and allow me the same. This to me is like mental candy and I crave it always.


My next favorite part is when I am recognized as a superior citizen throughout the day, for wearing my I Voted sticker. “Yes, that is right, I am a good and decent person. I voted.” Wearing that sticker proudly for a day is like screaming to the world, “I Spake! And my voice is as one in millions.” The night of the election my sleep is as uneasy as when I was 5 on Christmas Eve. The next morning unfortunately does not bring the same sugar that the jolly old man in his red velour suit bringeth. The next morning, after tossing and turning all night, I wake abruptly with the thought “F@#k Santa, who won” and race to my computer to see the results. Hoping against hope, praying against prayer, that my voted made a difference.  It did . . . and it didn’t . . . and that is the way it should be in a democracy.


My least favorite time of year is the time between Election Day and Thanksgiving.  I would like to state now, for the record, that Thanksgiving is officially my favorite holiday. Why? Because it is all about food and sharing. No gifts, no agenda, and maybe a little good natured rivalry as America’s football team, The Dallas Cowboys, play their annual game, but nothing more. Sad but true, my least favorite time of year is the time in between. Sure there are internet puppies to cheer me up every now and then. (Thank you Dorothy and Dino.) And cocktails at the Town House to both celebrate and lament. But after feeling like I made a difference the shroud of the-in-between-time pulls itself over my head. The shroud commonly known as indifference.  It is this indifference that seems to last an ungodly amount of time, sometimes up to two years, oftentimes up to four. It is in this indifference that it seems almost impossible to find myself. It is in that indifference that I am not me, just the shell of me waking and walking every morning to the smell of Moschetti coffee (shameless plug for a friend,) skimming over the oh-so boring and banal news, and barely remembering the last time I took a good, deep breath.


With all of this in mind, I beg your indulgence once again. I have set my mind to do a thing. A thing of difference, I hope. A different sort of thing with the goal of rooting out and shedding the shroud of indifference. A thing of deep breaths and contemplation. A thing where laughter, consternation, vivid discussion and, of course, great food are to be found. This thing that I hope will change the manner of the in-between-time. Starting this Friday, November 9th, in conjunction with the Art Walk, The V-Town Social Club will begin hosting regular Salons.  With the desire to “either please or educate” these gatherings of like and bright minds will enjoy great food, listen to speakers of worth and character, then engage in discussion.


November 9th will feature two women for which I have great respect. Women who have believed so strongly that they have begun, and more importantly, committed to sustaining their respective movements. I am referring to Kathy O’Hare of Obtanium Works and Pati Navalta of The Robby Poblete Foundation. Two women, whose energy and brilliance, have had a real and sustained impact on our lives hear in Vallejo.  With all that said, I formally invite you to join us at Provisions, 300 Virginia St, Friday November 9th. The doors will open around 5:45 with Speakers at 6:00 and Discussion to follow. No host wine and food will be available.  I hope to see you there. Please find the Event notice on The V-Town Social Club’s Facebook page and let me now if you are Interested and plan to attend.


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Until next time,


Eat Well and Smile Often


Tommy Judt





    1. Me too! I am excited about this next step for the V-Town Social Club. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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