When I think of my sister I remember two distinctive things. One, she taught me how to spell Wednesday. “Wed-nes-day” she said. The reason I remember this so well and so clearly is that the brief interchange shocked me. Why? Good question. You see I grew up in a family with five children and my sister is five years older than me. At dinner we sat on opposite sides of the table and we rarely spent any time together, not even fighting. I guess it shocked me because it is most likely the first memory of anyone helping me with a challenge. The second distinct memory I have is when I was 17 or 18 years old. She had moved out, gone to college and gotten a job. She asked me out to dinner. This is unique because, like I said, we rarely spent any time together. I was flattered because of the attention but also because I was doing this adult thing: Going out to dinner.


We spoke easily that night. It was nice to see her as an adult and spend adult time with her. I do not remember where we went or what we ate but I do remember the respect I felt when she came out to me. As a young adult, I found it amazing that anyone would consider my opinion to be so important as to take me out for a special dinner to share such intimate information. We bonded that night, I think. Now our relationship, both before and after this dinner, has not always been flower petals and rose water. We have both fought and laughed together since then, as siblings do. But I will never forget how to spell Wednesday nor how precious and important it is when someone close to you shares their most secret, secret.


Here is the part where I would normally write about the thing I did, what I ate and who I was with. But today I think I will write about what I plan to do, the things that I know I will eat and the people with whom I will be sharing my time.  For those of you who do not know, June is Pride month for the LGBTQ community. June 28th, you see, marks the anniversary of the uprising at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village back in 1969. In the early morning hours, tired of being hassled and rousted, the gay patrons of the Stonewall Inn fought back against yet another police raid of their bar. This event, along with a series of spontaneous and violent demonstrations are widely considered to be the beginning of the Gay Liberation Movement.


Here in V-Town this weekend’s activities promise to be quieter and much more enjoyable. I am happy to say that my Facebook feed has been flooded with upcoming Pride events. Here in Solano County we have an organization leading the charge, as it were. The Solano Pride Center is sponsoring a number of get-togethers this weekend. Tonight, for example, is Pride Night with the Admirals. For details to this event and others, a list can be found at https://www.solanopride.org/event-details. As for myself, I will be milling about the Art Walk on Friday with Dave, a dear friend of over 40 years. Dave is considering the move to V-Town so we will be found man handling a pint at the Mare Island Brewery, strolling downtown enjoying the Art Walk then ending up on Virginia St for dinner.


Dinner you say? Now I have your attention. Yes, I say. Our two local Valle-brities, (rhymes with celebrities), Lisa Lees and Nicole Hodge of League of Chefs are hosting another pop up dinner this Friday June 8th at 6 p.m, and this menu looks like fun. They are promising to serve Elote’ and Cornflake Fried Chicken with Lavender Honey. Come on! How much better can fried chicken get? Heirloom tomato salad, Achiote rubbed chicken, potato salad, arugula salad with grilled peaches and assorted pies. Good lord, my mouth is watering just thinking about it all. Being beer drinkers from way back, I believe that we, Dave and I, shall continue to enjoy the working man’s brew but I am assured that wine will also be served.  I am told that there are still a few reservations available so please come out for dinner. https://www.leagueofchefs.com/popups/


One reason to show up is for the good food, but more importantly, whether you are LGBTQ or an ally, is to support and connect with your neighbors in the most diverse community in the United States, the town of Vallejo. I am so happy to live here with you all.


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Until next time,


Eat Well and Smile Often


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