Way Down Yonder

It was cold, and foggy with a bit of a drizzle, and even though my hens had taken to Daylight Savings Time better than I have, they are laying fresh eggs again and homemade omelets are the best, I opted instead to go out for breakfast. Now I must confess to being S.A.D. during the winter months. (Seasonal Affect Disorder.) During the winter I am less-than-happy, listless and sometimes even down right grumpy.  But once that button called Spring has been punched my mood pegs the opposite side of the meter and I am ready to get out of the house.

That’s how it was this morning. I was hungry and wanted both to get out of the house and have a good breakfast. But as I stood on my stoop that same old question pulled me to a pause: Where shall I go? You all know that I have been in V-Town for many, many years now and you might imagine that I have explored the various nooks and crannies of this town we call home. Well . . . I have. But sometimes I forget the outliers, the little places, the nooks where pearls are found. Needing a little help and encouragement I reached out as far as the end of my arm and said, “Help me Google, where shall I go for breakfast?” And Google, she failed me not.

With continuing good luck, today turned out to be a day for pearls. Way down yonder, at the end of Harbor Way, down passed the Marina, past Zio Fraedo’s and just before our very own Coast Guard Station I found a forgotten island, an isla de sirens, island of mermaids. The Sardine Can. This place is great. The walls inside are covered with faux anchors and portholes and great little signs exclaiming the virtues of mermaids.  There are traditional tables for 4 and even larger, picnic style, group tables, which I look forward to sharing with my friends when we return together. With a table right next to the window, I was able to enjoy both the view of the Mare Island Causeway and all the marina tied boats bobbing lazily in the morning waters. While, I may have arrived by myself but I did not dine alone. A beautiful companion gazed longingly at me while I devoured my meal.

For breakfast they offer a number of omelets and egg dishes, oatmeal and pancakes and my new/old favorite . . . biscuits and gravy. Now, those who know me will tell you that I am a lifelong fan of biscuits and gravy. That being said, I am often disappointed by any I find North of Vegas and west of the Arizona border. Something about the way the gravy is made in the Southern United States hardly ever translates North. My own recipe included.  Today was a good day for gravy. 2 biscuits, 2 eggs sunny side up and a lovely, crispy pile of hash brown potatoes. I honestly can’t believe I ate the whole thing.

Biscuits and Gravy

Coffee, I must take a minute to talk about coffee. You see, I am somewhat of an aficionado. You see,  I have been known roast my own beans, and I like a cup that is rich and warm and round in the mouth. Many restaurants, let alone small cafés, just do not have a handle on a good cup of coffee. Today, the Sardine Can served up a very respectable cup. So much so that I found myself letting the waitress warm-me-up, as it were. Something I almost never do.

I encourage all my V-Town Social Club-bers to stop in and give the Sardine Can on Harbor Way a try.  That there was some good cooking. And . . . AND, on my way out the door I noticed, on a door posted notice, that every Sunday, between the hours of 5 and 8 starting on April 8th, they have live music with local musicians!! Holy Drum Beat Batman, why have not I found this place before? Hope to see you all there soon.

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Eat Well and Smile Often


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  1. Good to know the breakfasts are good…the rest of the day menus Ive tried need reworking. Unoriginal and bland.

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