Now, I warrant you that I am by no means the smartest person on the Internet. I am, by-no-means, the smartest person in Vallejo. I would never ever refer to myself as the smartest person in the room when sitting with my friends . . . or  even alone with my dogs.  I self-describe as Okay-smart.  I have enough smarts to wake up, make coffee, get myself showered and dressed, and basically . . . get along.

I just read the title to an article in the news: Preacher Says OK To 1000 People To Come To Church.

 Let us let that one sit for a moment.

It is said that ignorance is bliss. Okay, I will buy that. As I have commented before, the more I read the more fatalistic I can become. I literally can get headaches sometimes thinking about all the . . . stupid stuff that is going on. It should not be this way. Research, study, intelligence should be rewarded with bliss, and . . . well . . . stupid should hurt. I mean it hurts when you touch a hot stove, right?  Should there not be a similar response to stupid?

If you have found some offense to your religious beliefs in what I have just written, I sincerely apologize. I do ask a small favor of you: Please read about Intelligent Design and get back to me. The Laws of Physics were written by someone.

Let us look at this again: 1000 People, crunched all together, singing hymns and bringing in the sheaves, positively rejoicing. May God protect them.  Here is where Darwin got himself in trouble with the fundamentalists. (Now feel free to chime in, in the comments section, if I misplace a comma, period or fact in this next statement.) His book, The Voyage of the Beagle, simply records his observations and theories about evolution. (Read Science here.) There was so much backlash, upon his presenting his findings, that he was forced to recant or be excommunicated from society. (Again, correct me in the comments if I got this wrong.) One thing that I look forward to every year are the Darwin Awards. A version of which may be found here: https://darwinawards.com/.  This website has a summation of things gone stupidly wrong, year by year. 

I get that worshipping together may be a very powerful communal experience, and being only okay-smart, I am unsure of the existence of a divine being. That being said, please remember what Matthew said, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Take care of them, and yourself, by . . . thinking.  One award you really do not want to win is: The Darwin.

Until Tomorrow,

Tommy Judt

2 Replies to “DUMMY, DUMB, DARWIN”

  1. You are clever and this made me laugh.
    So agree and definitely am all over researching the
    Darwin awards. I too share your beliefs. Looking forward.

  2. I too am a believer in Science. Never believed in god. If, when I die? If confronted with an almighty being I will be very pleasantly surprised. I respect, but do not understand, faith.
    What I don’t understand is the absence of common sense, relying on a “leap of faith”. As I understand god gave all free will which is great I wish god had given everyone common sense to

    Great article Tommy. Keep it up

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