The talk on the street . . . sorry, from across the street in this time of social distancing, is that they say that another baby boom will come of all this. (No pun, just punny.) How many will compete for the title of first Covid Baby of 2021, I wonder?  All cooped up and left to our own devices, this may very well be a thing. Babies born, just for the fun of it. If this does not “jump start” our economy, nothing will. (Okay, I meant that one.)

For myself, I am going to lie to you and tell you that a cup of coffee, a good book, a bit of work, a walk with the dogs, a sip of wine and a good meal will suffice. What to do with the remaining 23 hours? Sleep, I am good for a solid 8. Okay, down to 15. Work, the get a full 8. Only 7 hours left. 1 Amazon movie, a movie FROM Amazon, not about Amazons . . . that is unless, you have a recommendation. 5 hours left. A bit of manic cleaning. 4 hours. Some-time in the Garden. 3 hours. Throw the ball for the dogs. 2 hours, 45. Hmm, starting to get dicey here. Laundry! Sweet! Got it down to 2 hours.

Question: What did I use to do when I had a free 2 hours?  Hmmm . . . . Well I would hang out with friends . . . or A friend. Hmm . . . Social Distancing (does not equal) time with just A friend.  So much for love in the time of Covid. Sure I can text, or Zoom, or even old school a call but . . . not the same. The early days of AOL are gone and there-in-lies-little-appeal for me.

I wish there was a test to see if you had already contracted the virus or not.  One that proved whether your immune system was fending off that little spik-ed devil. Then, those of us who had “Immunity” could selectively gather for less-than-legal social distancing. But alas, any such forethought about pandemics was tRumped some years ago. Other than the fact that they could be spreading death by the thousands, does anyone really blame the Spring Breakers? I mean, kids will be kids right?  Alright, okay, I hear you. No really!  I get it! . . . sorry.

What to do, what to do, what to do?

(At this point I would write a line or two of lyrics from I Drink Alone by George Thorogood and the Destroyers. Oh well, what the heck.)

The other day I got invited to a party,

But I staaayyed home instead.

Just me and my pal Johnny Walker,

And his brothers: Blackie and Red,

And we drank aloooneeee

(Sorry Johnny, writing about you was bound to happen sooner or later. But you knew that, didn’t you?  The whole song can be heard here on You Tube:

I have had a drink or two with Johnny. I know him to be a very nice man who does amazing things for our community. A distant, virtual, cocktail toast to you my friend.

Wait, there is one more thing to do. But . . . it will only take about 5 minutes. Hardly worth the time. Except if you like to out and out laugh. What I am referring to is a plucky new podcast by our own, insanely, talented Peter Brooks.  Love In The Time of Covid. Which can be found here:

Last night I all but spit out my milk listening to this. Peter Brooks, for those who do not know, is the man who saved us from Orcem. I guess knocking about for the last few months, with no windmills for-which-to-tilt, Peter has decided to unlock a corner of his imagination oft left for the cat or other lone companions. 

Peter, I thank you, you made me laugh out loud. Looking forward to future installments From Downtown Vallejo, It’s Love in the Time of Covid. (Oh, could you please repeat that Gin and milk recipe please?)

Until Tomorrow,

Tommy Judt


  1. Staying busy is a tough one. My house is gonna be sterile many times over.

    Recommendation on a movie from Amazon, not about Amazons sadly. The Counterfeit Traitor with William Holden. It’s a great story that keeps you involved and it’s like three hours long.

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