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The last few weeks has given us so much to think about. One important lesson that I see is that of Social Responsibility combined with Enlightened Self Interest.

“O.M.G. Tom!!  Why are you talking about Enlightened Self Interest when the Shop-ocolypse is here!?”  “Hold this, I see stray roll of TP under that cart.”

It is not my intent to minimize the realities or impacts of the Corona Virus. Quite the opposite. What I would like to talk about are the larger things to be learned here: Cooperation, Community Support and the proper understanding of the information being provided.  Basically I believe that this is an opportune time to reexamine our social priorities as they relate to our individual qualities of life. A friend, as recently as last week, cautioned me on not engaging in Social-Engineering considering the impacts of CoVid19. I scoffed, what better time I quipped . . . to myself.


  1. Employers will begin to measure productivity with different means.
  2. Employers will begin to question the reasoning behind owning large office spaces that concentrate employees.
  3. The lessened impact of working commute traffic on our environment will become a major topic in the months to come. (Both air and car.)
  4. Employee concentrations, being decentralized, will give rise to the success of local businesses, especially cafes, as Work From Home employees seek social engagement and something other than frozen burritos and peanut butter sandwiches to eat. (My end-of-times menu.)
  5. Local gathering places will thrive as workers venture out in the evenings to connect socially with their neighbors.
  6. Fuel prices will drop with lessened demand.
  7. The race to provide high speed internet to all houses will be a frantic one.

Yesterday I did something that I have not done in some time. I purchased a cart full of groceries. (Currently I have an appropriate amount of TP and learned some time ago how to keep myself clean.)  That being said, I also went down to Moschetti’s and purchased my coffee. Fabrice, as always, happily engaged me in conversation and shared with me the effect that the restaurant and hotel closures are having on his business. In the middle of this conversation he stopped, looked at me with concern and asked, how is Nicole at Provisions doing?  I am so glad Fabrice is my neighbor. I went back and purchased another pound because I could. We often times do not realize the domino effect that something like this has on our community until it is too late.

I only have one small voice with which to share these stories. The State of California has asked all restaurants to close, except for to-go service. I know that this will affect both Fabrice and Nicole, our neighbors. While this is a small part of his business, Fabrice does have an online store where you can purchase coffee for yourself or to send as a gift. He is also selling e-gift cards for his café.  https://moschetti-online.square.site/         E-Gift Cards Moschetti

Nicole at Provisions was working late into the night yesterday trying hard, as always, to provide for her neighbors. She has to close to public gatherings BUT is offering her amazing food to-go. She also has e-gift cards available. Click here to see her menu:  https://www.leagueofchefs.com/           E-Gift Card Provisions

If you seriously want to know what you can do during this unprecedented time, then I will tell you. Shop Local. Shop online at Haute Dawgs, email your book orders to Alibi Books, and buy gift cards and food to-go from your local shopkeeper. If you want our community to thrive through this, here is the Enlightened Self Interest part, then Shop Local. Look out for your favorite vendor and boost them to all of us on social media. Share their stories and spend your dollars here.


Tommy Judt

p.s. Advice for moving around in the world.

  1. The best thing that you can do is use single use towels when touching doorknobs, common telephones or surfaces. These could be wipes, or pieces of paper towels, or if you carry a properly mixed spray disinfectant, spray then wipe.
  2. If you keep your keep your hands clean and do not touch any other surfaces you can touch your own face. To repeat: If your hands are clean you can touch your own face, just do no touch any other surface as you may share your germs there.

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