The other day while driving in the hills, I started humming the tune ‘It’s a Long and Winding Road Da-da Da-da.’ I have never really been clever, it just seems like the neurons fire as they please and the result just pops out of my mouth. Have you ever rewritten a song as you are singing it? You know, followed a melody but coopted the lyrics to entertain others, or more importantly, yourself? (Duh)


I just finished an article about tACS (transcranial alternating current system.) It is where old people, yes they used the term old people, wore a skull cap fitted with electrodes and were fed and electric current directed at certain parts of their brains. Test results show and increase in short term memory for 80 to 90 percent. (Hmm)


I have a friend who was born in Columbia. His native language is Spanish and therefore when he arrived in the States he had no English. In the years following he learned it quite well. He enlisted in the Navy and has his own business, and is passionate about music. Me? I have enough Spanish and French to say Hello, How are you, and Where is the bathroom? Oh, and the ubiquitous demand, I Want! (Doh)


I am fascinated by how the brain works. On my onesies, I study Psychology and Behavioral Economics. (Yawn) Decision making mostly. What prompts us to make certain decisions is fascinating to me. Do you know what else fascinates me? Art. Art fascinates me. Why? Because I cannot do it. Do not get me wrong, I have tried over the years but I am pretty sure that the stick figures that I brought home from school barely lasted the night on the family refrigerator. Stick figures. That’s it from me. I used to try and drawn the clown or the horse head that was in the magazine. You know the one that wanted to Tom Sawyer you into taking online Art classes. Even they rejected me.  🙁


My mother was an artist. I loved how she saw the world. It fascinated me. In culinary school I prided myself on technique but when I saw the beautiful work that some of my classmates were producing, I was dumbfound. They say God works in mysterious ways. Yup, God and the brain. Why is it that I am fascinated with the physical world, placing things in order, and there are so many talented people who can make chaos orderly? Meaning, that while I am making up lyrics to silly songs Artists are creating the songs that I listen too. While I am trying to recreate a shape, either with food or wood, artists are pushing the boundaries of the physical world and creating shapes that I cannot even fathom.


Here in Vallejo we have world class artists, and we are so lucky. To be exposed to their expansive way of thinking is breath taking for me. I am forever in awe with a portrait made of broken pottery, of charcoal lines on a page in study of the hand and of colors large and vibrant and forceful. Ones that I had never seen in my crayon box.


Each brain is wired differently. My friend commands multiple languages and centers his life with music.  Me, I rewrite songs for amusement and long for an electrically wired skull cap.  But the thing that I do not need to long for is the availability of art. Art is alive and well right here in Vallejo. Art in all forms, shapes, and sizes. The very best thing about it is that you, and I, can enjoy it this Friday night at the Second Friday Art Walk in downtown Vallejo. Great food at Provisions, and open mic at Vallejo Vinyl and Pinball, Cats & Castles at Spruce on Marin, across the street Elegant Events is having and Open Paint Night. As if that is not enough there are Live Window Models at Boutique Classique on Sonoma at Georgia and the Dead Cat Band is playing at the Mark Reed’s Townhouse.


Do come out and join us this Friday April 12th.  There is much to see and do, and, you can stay home and wash your hair on Saturday night. Now for my closing number, sung to the melody of Penny Lane.


‘On Georgia St there is an art walk yes this Friday night. Around the corner Cats and Castles come to play. Provisions serves up fish, that is fried just right. Very right. Vallejo Art, is in your ears and in your eyes dat-dat-dat-da’ (Stop, I know it is bad.)


See you tomorrow night.


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Until next time,


Eat Well and Smile Often

Tommy Judt




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