It is said that shared joy is doubled joy.   I am a firm believer in all things that bring double joy. You know like, a pair of German Shepherds, a package of Reese’s Peanut butter cups and that second smoky, sweet whisky cocktail enjoyed at the end of a long week. (Speaking of which, good God Savage & Cooke, when can we try your whisky?)


Earlier this week I did a thing that In all honesty I rarely do anymore. I cooked. Continue reading “TIS THE SEASON”


Still can’t touch that day. Another full weekend and I feel so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. For so many years I kept my head in the sand and rarely had any contact with my Vallejo neighbors. Now, occasionally, I get the Norm welcome at the Town House. Funny, when I was tending bar that was actually something that management used as an example of good service.


“We want a bar like Cheers, where everybody knows your name.”


To be honest, while I always wanted a corner bar where I felt welcome Continue reading “MONDAY MONDAY”


Something happens when the sun goes down. As December closes in, doors begin to open here in Vallejo. Open houses and dinner parties. Cocktails and desserts. Laughter, conviviality, and a smack of drama just for fun. This week alone I have had conversations about tattoos, eccentric neighbors, sailing, Spruce our little pop-up shop, Callaghan Construction, the mispronunciation of sandwiches as sang-wiches. Stories of grandfathers topped the bill as did Iberian singers, concrete beaches, clowning for a children’s dance troupe in Russia and riding brooms to Las Vegas. I was even gifted a scarecrow for my winter garden. I have eaten shrimp and cheese, Continue reading “RESOLUTION”


Years ago I dated a charming woman who took me home, for Sunday dinner, to meet her parents. Upon hearing that I had been a chef, her mother immediately scrapped the mac and cheese idea and put out her best meal: Turkey, stuffing, gravy, the works, in July. I remember that she sat nervously, watching me as I took in my first few bites. Now I am going to Continue reading “ON FOOD AND COOKING”


Every day I awaken to the same routine. Boil water, grind the coffee, feed the dogs, (got to make them sit and wait – Dinner time discipline I call it,) pour myself a large cuppa, add two sugars, sit down to my computer, log in and brace myself. Firstly I check emails, pay my bills and respond to my clients. Secondly I’ll pop over to Facebook to see how many people love me Continue reading “SOME DAYS”


Why do we rake the forest floor?

Because nature abhors a vacuum.


I cannot take credit for writing that joke but I am happy to retell it. But, in the retelling I become somewhat sad. This is our joke. This is now who we are as a people. We are the land where our leaders think that raking the forest floor would have saved Continue reading “NATURE ABHORS A VACUUM”


Last Friday was the Second Friday Art Walk here in Vallejo. From the Vallejo art Walk website, “Organized by members of the The Vallejo Arts Alliance, this event is an opportunity for artists to showcase their work in a very casual setting. Entertainment and food is provided to encourage visitors to walk among the art galleries and downtown businesses.”


This last Friday I hosted my very first Salon in the new dining room Continue reading “MORE THAN A HUMMING BIRD”


Yesterday was the last official day of fig hunting season. The season, which normally starts in late August was delayed this year until the beginning of October. It seems that there was a clerical error made with regards to the weather and temperature required to ripen the figs. In August, and into September, my tree, the hunting ground, Continue reading “THE LAST DAY OF FIG SEASON”


I am so excited that I just cannot stand it. This is my favorite time of year. It is the time of cooling weather and falling leaves, long and tedious lines with every sort of person waiting in them, many in questionable moods, waiting to speak with that one overworked person behind the counter. That is right, you guessed it, Continue reading “MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR”


Sunday dinner was always a thing growing up.  We ate promptly at 5 and there was always roast chicken or beef for dinner, with mashed potatoes and gravy of course.  During the week we would dine on the mainstays like spaghetti or goulash, and of course tuna casserole. But it was on Sunday that mom did some cooking. You have read here that my mother was a lovely woman who could burn water. This is Continue reading “SUNDAY DINNER”